Having a good support group can provide extra motivation and support. By making friends in Carb Manager, not only can you track each others progress, but you can send motivation messages, chat, share milestones, and keep each other on track.

The following information is discussed below:

  • Accessing Your Friends List
  • Inviting Friends
  • Accepting Invitation from Friends
  • Viewing a Friend's Information
  • Chatting with Friends
  • Removing a Friend (Unfriending) 

Accessing Your Friends List

To access your list of friends, select Community from the main (left) navigation menu, and select the Friends & Family tab. Any friends that you've already connected with are listed, along with the Invite button. If you haven't yet connected to any friends or family, a message is showing highlighting the benefits of having a good support group (shown below). 

Inviting Friends

You can easily invite others to connect with you on Carb Manager using the Invite button on the My Friends & Family subtab. Anyone who is not already a Carb Manager user will be directed to a sign up page via an email message. 

After you select the Invite button, enter the email addresses of those friend and family you want to connect with. Be sure to select the black arrow icon after each email address. 

Each email address will appear as a separate entry after you select the black arrow icon. In the following example, two email addresses have been entered and will receive invitations. 

When you select OK, an "Invitations sent" message appears at the bottom of the screen. 

Tip: If a "Please enter at least one email address" message appears when you select OK, but you know you added an email address, you may not have selected the black arrow icon after the email address. Re-enter the address, select the black arrow icon, and select OK again. You should see the "Invitations sent" message this time. 

Once the invitation is sent, a message will appear on the Friends & Family tab for each invited user (described below), allowing them to accept or decline your invitation.

Accepting Invitations from Friends

Invitations from other users appear near the top of the My Friends & Family subtab. 

Important: You must have defined your user name before accepting any friend invitations. 

If you select Accept, a warning message appears stating that your friends will be able to view your profile and health information, and you will be able to view theirs. Select Accept again to confirm your action.

Once accepted, your friends are listed directly on the My Friends & Family subtab. Each entry includes the friend's user name and membership status (Standard or Premium).

Viewing a Friend's Information

You can view information about any of your friends by selecting that friend's user name on the My Friends & Family subtab. The selected user's information appears below the friend's user name.

You can view the following information for each of your friends:

  • Daily Log tab. View your friend's food and weight loss details.  
  • Foods tab. View details about your friend's food, including favorite foods, custom foods, and meals. 
  • Connect tab. Write and view posts that are only visible to you and the selected friend (unlike posts on the Newsfeed tab which are viewable by all of your friends and include app-generated posts).

When you're done viewing your friend's information, select the Friends & Family tab to close the information and view your full friends list. 

Chatting with Friends

You can have a private, real-time chat between all of your friends using the Chat subtab.

Removing a Friend (Unfriending)

You can remove a connection to a friend at any time (unfriend). From your list of friends on the My Friends & Family subtab, simply select the x icon on the right side of the friend's entry, and select Delete to verify the action.

Note: You can reconnect to this friend at any time, as described above.

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