Similar to our foods database, Carb Manager has a large database of exercises that you can select to log. Whether you're doing something as simple as running or lifting weights, or as unusual as playing the accordion or raking snow off from the roof, you can log the exercise in the Carb Manager app.

To start, select Exercise from the main (left) navigation menu.

Here, you can use either the Cardio or Weights tabs to search for whatever exercise you're performing. If the exercise involves actual weights, look in the Weights tab. For any other type of exercise, try the Cardio tab. 

Use the Search Bar to search for an exercise. For example, today we've been cleaning the house and want to get credit for the calories that we burned. So we've searched on the keyword Cleaning.

Tap an exercise to select it, enter number of minutes and any other requested details, optionally tick the box for Add to Favorites, then select Add to Log.

 The calories burned and other exercise based data will then be added to your exercise logs in My Nutrition & Wellness > Exercise

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