Enable Smart Macros

The Smart Macros feature automatically adjusts your macro goals on a minute-by-minute basis based on your current weight, recent meals, and body measurements. Smart macros sets you up for success in hitting your exact goals - no more, no less. If you're interested in Smart Macros, we encourage you to read more about it here in our knowledge base.

Enable calorie tracking

If your goal is weight loss, tracking calories is just as important as tracking carbs! But you can't track calories until you enable the calorie tracking setting. Take a moment to do so now by checking out our article on calorie tracking.

Enable "Net Calories Remaining" in My Daily Log

This setting makes it easy to see, at a glance, exactly how many calories you have left in your "calorie budget" each day.   For more information on your calorie budget, please see the following article about my daily log.

Decide if you want to track total calories

By default, when setting up your macros, we set a net calories goal (calories consumed minus calories burned), but not a total calories goal (calories consumed). If tracking total calories is an important part of your diet plan, enable tracking now.

Set "meal goals" for net carbs

By default, Carb Manager tracks a daily carb number. If your goals include weight loss, you may want to set a carb goal for each individual meal. For more information on how to set meal goals, please see the following article on meal goals.

Set goals for weight, BMI, and/or body fat

At a minimum, we highly recommend setting a weight goal. If BMI and body fat measurements are important to you, consider configuring goals for those metrics as well. Learn more about configuring BMI in Carb Manager in this article.

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