Now that you've set some exercise goals and added some exercise log entries, it's important to look back and review your exercise stats at least once a week. 

This can help you to maintain momentum as you see how far you've come, and gives you a chance to analyze any important trends (positive or negative) that you might notice in your exercise habits.

You'll find exercise data in three different locations in the Carb Manager app:

  • My Nutrition & Wellness
  • Exercise
  • My Daily Log

My Nutrition & Wellness

Navigate to My Nutrition & Wellness using the main (left) navigation menu.

Then, select the Exercise tab.

Graph your desired exercise metric by selecting it from the drop down on the left. Select the time period for your graph using the center drop down. 

Depending on your personal preference, you can toggle between a bar graph and a line graph using the button on the right.

These graphs are a great way to gauge how consistent your progress has been toward your exercise goals.


Start by selecting Exercise from the main (left) navigation menu.

Select the Weights or Quick Find tab, and tap the name of any exercise for which you've previously added log entries (Cardio exercise analysis data is available elsewhere in the app, but not in the Exercise section)

Then, select the History tab.

Here, you can view details on all log entries made for this particular exercise. 

Select the Stats tab to review a graph showing your all time progress for this exercise.

Use the drop down on the left to toggle the graph between Total Weight, Average Weight, Total Reps, Average Reps, and Total Sets.

My Daily Log

Navigate to My Daily Log using the main (left) navigation menu.

Select the My Day tab.

Then scroll down the to Exercise section. Here you'll find detailed exercise log entries for the select day/date.

Back up at the top of My Daily Log, you can also select the Steps tab to monitor and analyze detailed data on Steps specifically. 

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