Carb Manager uses Imperial (U.S.) units by default, including pounds (lbs) for weight, feet/inches for height, and calories (kCal) for energy. However, you can switch to metric units for these measurements.

From the main (left) navigation menu, select Settings, and scroll down to the Units portion of the Carb Manager App Settings section. These settings that control these units are highlighted below.

Change either of the settings, as desired:

  • Units. Controls weight and length units. When set to US / Imperial, pounds (lbs) and feet/inches are used for weight and height. If you change to SI / Metric, kilograms (kg) will be used for weight and centimeters (cm) will be used for length.
  • Energy Units. Controls energy units used when tracking food and meals. You can choose between Calories (kCal) and kiloJoules (kJ).

These settings are separate so that you can use metric for either or both, as desired, based on your location and preference.

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