To monitor and graphically analyze your historical progress for nutrition and macros, start by navigating to My Nutrition & Wellness from the main (left) navigation menu.

From there, you'll find your Nutrition and Macros analysis tools under - you guessed it - the Nutrition and Macros tabs. 

The Nutrition tab lets you graph your historical daily progress along a variety of nutritional metrics. The grey bars represent your goal for each metric (if you've set one) and the green represent your actual progress.

Select the drop down on the left to choose the metric to be graphed.

Select the center drop down to select the time period for the graph, and the button on the right to toggle between a bar graph and a line graph.

The Macros tab lets you graph your macros progress in a variety of ways. Similar to the Nutrition graphs, you'll find the time period selector on the left. 

The % of Calories option (in the right drop down) displays the percentage for each macro of total calories, where pink = fats, blue = protein, and green = carbs. 

Ratio vs Goal gives you a pie chart with your macros ratios as a percentage of total on top.

And another pie chart for comparison with your macros goal by ratio or by grams. 

Ratio over Time shows you how well you maintained your macros ratio for each day of the selected time period.

Finally, Grams over Time charts the grams that you consumed of each major macronutrient for each day of the selected time period.

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