Eating too many carbs at breakfast? Using up too many calories on snacks? Our meal analyzer lets you track your averages for each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks etc), and determine exactly where you're using your nutritional allotment for each nutritional metric. 

This is one of the most powerful analysis tools in the Carb Manager app, as it helps with uncovering eating patterns and habits that could be sabotaging your diet goals.

To use the Meal Analyzer, start by selecting Analysis from the main (left) navigation menu.

Then, choose the Meals tab.

This is where the magic happens! 

Use the drop down on the left to choose the metric to analyze.

Choose your time period for analysis from the center drop down.

And choose your analysis type from the drop down on the right.

Your desired analysis will then be instantly generated in graphical format, with a detailed overview at the bottom of the screen.

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