If your goal is to gain a deeper understanding of your own body and health, Carb Manager's Correlate and Compare features are two of the most powerful tools in your tool kit.

Both tools let you graph two separate health metrics together, allowing you to draw conclusions about how changes in one metric affects the other metric. 

For example, you might notice that your weight loss plateaus every time you've exceeded your carb goal for 3 days in a row. Or that you get less sleep when you've eaten more sugar. The conclusions that you can draw here are endless. 

You'll find both tools by navigating to Analysis in your main (left) navigation menu.

From there, you'll find tabs for both the Compare and Correlate tools.

Under Compare, you can select two separate metrics for comparison from the left and center drop down menus, as well as a time period for comparison using the drop down menu on the right.

In this example, we've graphed Weight (in grey) against Net Carbs (in green).

Correlate is similar, but displays the metrics on two separate graphs. 

Select the first metric in the drop down above the upper graph, and the second metric in the drop down above the lower graph. Choose your graph's time period using the time period drop down. Use the graph toggle on the right to switch between a bar graph and line graph. 

Here we've graphed Net Carbs against Blood Glucose. In the upper graph, note that goal amount is in grey, with actual amount in green. 

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