If you're trying to lose weight for an event (Maybe a wedding? Maybe the beginning of summer?) our Projections tool can help you to gauge whether your current diet goals will help you to meet your target. 

You'll find the Projections tool by navigating to Analysis using the main (left) navigation menu.

Once there, swipe left and then select the Projections tab.

The Projections tool bases your projected weight change on your calculated metabolic rate (based on your gender, height, current weight, and lifestyle that you configured in the Getting Started Wizard), as well as your daily Net Calories goal. 

Note: In order to use Projections, please ensure that you've set a Net Calories goal and a Weight goal

The Projections graph will then show you how long it will take to reach your weight goal. In the example below, our starting weight is 160 lbs, and it's projected that we'll reach our goal weight of 150 lbs by May 1st.

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