Users who analyze their progress toward goals are significantly more likely to reach those goals. It's important to look back every so often to see what's working, what's not, and to gain insight into your own personal health journey.

But sometimes the log entries and charts/graphs don't tell the whole story, and you need to add your own notes to really capture what was going on with a particular day's data.

To add notes to your daily log entries, navigate to My Daily Log.

There, you can add notes to a specific meal or to your exercise entries by selecting the More Options (⋮) button to the right.

From there select Add Note.

Finally, enter the text for your note, and select Save

You'll find the note along with all of the other data for that section.

To add a general note for the day that's not associated with a specific section, scroll down in My Daily Log > My Day and locate My Notes.

Tap the white box, then use your keyboard to enter the note. No need to save; notes are saved automatically. You can then review the general notes for this day right here in the My Notes section. 

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