Log Fasting

Fasting and intermittent fasting (IF) have been shown in recent studies to boost weight loss, reduce insulin resistance, fight inflammation, improve brain function, and more. 

It's easy to track and monitor fasting hours using Carb Manager. 

  • Set fasting goals by selecting Settings > Health Goals from the main (left) navigation menu. 

Learn more about tracking IF in Carb Manager in our knowledge base.

Choose Ketone test type and units

If you're logging ketones, configure your ketone test type and units for the most accurate monitoring and analysis.  

Configure data comparison and correlation graphs

Carb Manager offers powerful graphs that allow advanced users and "data nerds" to make comparisons and visualize correlations between two different metrics. 

  • To set up either a comparison or correlation graph, select Analyze from your main (left) navigation menu. 
  • For comparisons, select the Compare tab in the top navigation, then select two metrics to compare, as well as the time period for comparison.
  • For correlations, select the Correlate tab in the top navigation, then choose your two metrics to compare, as well as the time period. 

Connect Fitness Devices 

If you're serious about tracking health metrics consistently, connecting a Fitbit or other health device, as well as connecting Carb Manager to Apple Health, ensures that you never forget to enter data, as it happens automatically.

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