The Carb Manager app is built around the concept of tracking Macros. The term Macros is short for Macronutrients. The most important Macros to track for a low carb or ketogenic diet are fats, protein, and carbs (the "major" Macros). 

When you set up your Carb Manager account, you'll choose a diet to follow, and that diet will determine your "macros ratio". For example, for the ketogenic diet, the ratio of carbs to protein to fats is 5:25:70. 

Then, we'll use that ratio combined with your calorie goal to calculate the number of grams that you should eat each day for each major macro.

Let's explore some of the options for working with Macros in the Carb Manager app.

The Basics

How to setup your macros (Choose your ratio and goals for major macros)

How to set goals for other macros (aside from carbs, fats, protein)

View macros progress for the day in My Daily Log

How to monitor and analyze your macros goal progress

Advanced Settings & Tips

The Smart Macros feature automatically recalculates your macros goals based on your profile, current weight, and macros ratios, making it easier to reach your exact goal targets. No more. No less. Here's how to enable Smart Macros. Here's how to disable them.

Net carbs is one of the most important macros goals to track if your aim is to stay in ketosis and lose weight. Sometimes it can help to set a net carbs goal not just for each day, but each meal, ensuring that you don't "run out" out of net carbs too early in the day. Here's how to configure meal goals for net carbs.

Carb cycling is often used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for maximizing performance, and by regular users in planning "cheat days" without getting out of control. Here's how to configure carb cycling.

Carb Manager can automatically adjust macros as you log exercise if the Deduct Macros When I Exercise setting is enabled. This allows you to eat more food, while still hitting your goals. Here's how to set it up.

If you prefer to see full decimal values for macros analysis rather than rounded whole numbers, you can toggle that setting by following these steps.

Macros FAQs

How do I know which diet to choose for setting my macros goal?

Why did my macros goals suddenly increase significantly?

What do the different carb types mean? (Total carbs, net carbs, diabetes carbs)

I live in the UK. Should I track net carbs or total carbs?

Why do my macros goals not match what I've entered in Settings?

Why don't my macros consumed add up to my calories consumed?

Why do the percentages in my pie chart not equal the percentage of each macronutrient in grams?

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