Exercise goes hand in hand with diet when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals. As part of our goal to be an all-in-one low carb lifestyle tracker, Carb Manager provides a variety of options for logging and tracking exercise.

The Basics

First, please set formal exercise goals to increase the likelihood of reaching your overall fitness goals.

The easiest way for Premium members to track and log exercise is to connect a fitness device. 

Connect Fitbit
Connect Garmin
Connect Samsung
Connect other devices

You can also sync activity from Apple Health or Google Fit

If you don't use any of the above devices or you're not a Premium member yet, you can also log exercise manually. 

How to add manual exercise entries to your log
How to add manual exercise using the "Quick Entry" feature

To log an exercise that's not found in our extensive exercise database, here's how to create a custom exercise.

Finally, once you've logged a few exercise log entries, be sure to look back and monitor your exercise stats at least once a month to ensure that you're making steady progress toward your fitness goals. 

Advanced Tips & Settings

Carb Manager can automatically adjust macros as you log exercise if the Deduct Macros When I Exercise setting is enabled. This allows you to eat more food, while still hitting your goals.

Exercise FAQs

Why are my Fitbit calories burned different from the calories shown in the app?

What data is exported from Fitbit/Garmin to Carb Manager?

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