Carb Manager's groups and forums (the "Community") are among the most powerful features of the app. With tens of thousands of active users (and hundreds of thousands of occasional users), our Community is a potent resource for asking questions, learning from fellow dieters who understand your health journey, and getting support and motivation from a friendly and welcoming group of dieters just like you.

The Community consists of Groups, Forums, Friends & Family connections, and the Carb Manager Challenge.

Groups are meant for messaging style discussions on specific topics. They're a great way to get advice, ask questions, or share stories during your journey. Here's how to join a group. Here's how to leave a group

The Carb Manager Forums allow for in-depth discussions on a variety of topics. They allow you to simply browse topics, share a tip, provide feedback, ask a question, or find answers. In addition, they also support embedded links or images.

Learn more about getting involved in the forums here

Use the Friends & Family tab to invite friends, view their daily log and food information, or simply have a quick chat. Learn more about connecting with friends or family here.

Need help getting motivated and staying accountable? The Carb Manager Challenge is a powerful motivator that lets you earn points and get into the competitive spirit by measuring your progress against other members. Learn how to join the Carb Manager challenge here

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