If you're not seeing your data on the new device, this means that you've either signed in with a different email address than you used on your old device, or that you selected Skip Signup

To resolve this issue, navigate to Settings > Account Settings and make sure that you've signed in with the same email that you used for your account on the old device.

If you used the Skip Signup option on your old phone, and never created an account, then you can still retrieve your data as long as you still have access to the old phone.

In this case, connect your old phone to Internet, and open the app. Then, navigate to Settings > Account Settings and choose Create Account Now and go ahead and setup an account and email address. 

Finally, on your new phone, navigate to Settings > Account Settings and sign in with the email address on the account that you just created. 

If you skipped signup on your old device and no longer have access to it, please contact our support team.

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