There are two ways to contact the Carb Manager support team for assistance. This article will walk you through the basics of how to get in touch with us if you have questions, or if you'd like to drop us a friendly note.

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A little advice first: if you're having a problem with the app, please provide as much detail as possible when writing our support team. We love it when you send screenshots of the issue.

Contact us via the Carb Manager app

The easiest way to contact support is through the app itself. This method automatically sends us information about your account, which will help us resolve your issue more quickly.

  • Whether you’re using a mobile app or the website version of the app, tap the main (left) navigation menu and select Settings.
  • You’ll immediately see the Need Help? button on the right-hand side of the screen. Tap Need Help? or, if you scroll down to the Help & Support section further below, you can tap Contact Support.
  • From the initial view, you can either tap the New conversation button to contact a Customer Support agent or Find an answer yourself by searching for articles in our Help & Support Center.
  • Let’s select New conversation for this example.
  • Type your message, including details that help us understand the issue you’re having. Use the attach (paperclip) button for adding screenshots.
  • When you tap the green Send arrow, you’ll get an automatic message from the Operator telling you the expected wait time. The Conversation screen has the look of a chat session; however, we are not set up for live chat at this time.
  • Based on keywords in your question, the Operator will suggest a list of articles from our Help & Support Center.
  • If you view an article, the Operator will ask if you found the answer you needed. If you tap no, you will get an updated reply telling you the approximate wait time for a Customer Service agent to respond.
  • In addition to this conversation screen within the app, you will receive an email of the same “conversation.”
  • When the Carb Manager team replies to you, you can view it and respond in the app or via the email version.

Contact us Via Email

If you're not able to contact us from within the app, you can instead email us at Don't forget to send as many details as possible, and include your screenshots. We'll reply to your email as soon as possible.

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