How to access Carb Manager 

To begin using Carb Manager, you can choose from a few different ways to get our application and start tracking your progress. The following article goes into detail about the ways to access the app and also touches on the topic of free accounts and our Premium upgrade.

Once you have selected the best way to access Carb Manager, you have the option of using the free account or upgrading to Premium.

iOS devices / Apple store 

If you're using an iPhone or an iPad, download Carb Manager directly to your device from the Apple store.

Android devices / Google Play store

For Android devices, please follow download Carb Manager from the Google Play store.

Website / Online version of Carb Manager

The online version of Carb Manager is available for all users, regardless of the type of device you use to connect to the internet. You can access Carb Manager via your mobile device's web browser or laptop computer! 

This online version is an excellent fit for folks that do not use a smartphone or mobile device. 

Please log onto the online version of the app by visiting:

Please note that you can use both the online version and a mobile version simultaneously!

Free to use

Carb Manager is free to use no matter where you access the app. The free version lets you track your progress and begin counting carbs with ease.


If you'd like to upgrade to the Premium version of Carb Manager, you may do so via any Carb Manager app. Simply tap Go Premium from the main navigation menu.  For more information on Carb Manager's Premium features, we recommend viewing a list of features available for paid subscribers of Carb Manager. 

  • iOS users: You may upgrade via the Apple store directly or via the online version of Carb Manager. 
  • Android users: Upgrades are available via the Google Play store directly or via the online version of Carb Manager. 
  • Online users: You may upgrade directly online via credit card.

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