The free version of Carb Manager is designed to provide basic carb and macros tracking, meeting the needs of most users.

Our Premium version starts at just $3.33 per month (when you pay yearly), and includes additional helpful features designed to save you time and help to ensure your success in meeting your diet and health goals.

In fact, Premium users report three times the results of users on our free version! 

Here's how to upgrade to premium.

Premium Features

The Premium version of Carb Manager includes 40 additional features, such as: 

  • Access to over 360,000 delicious recipes, including more than 1,500 exclusive recipes from our own Carb Manager Test Kitchen.

    Many Keto and low carb dieters end up losing their motivation because they're eating the same things over and over. Premium users never run out of delicious new recipes to try. The chefs in the Carb Manager kitchens are constantly creating new recipes for our database; you'll never even miss the carbs! Learn more about recipes here.
  • Personalized meal plans

    Answer a few questions about your diet preferences (Gluten free? Vegetarian? Hate seafood?), and get a customized meal plan that you can queue up in your daily log for a week at a time. Our chefs have you covered!
  • A jump start guide

    Download our exclusive KetoGenius e-book. Written by industry experts, this guide will get you up to speed fast, with all of the information you need to succeed on your Keto or low carb diet. 
  • Automatic, printable shopping lists

    After you've chosen a personalized meal plan, we'll automatically generate a printable shopping list with everything that you need to make each meal for the week. The only thing we can't do is cook your meals for you!
  • Advanced analysis & reports to make diet tracking more effective

    Carb Manager premium unlocks a powerful analytics and reporting engine. Track "streaks", dive deep into your eating patterns, compare and correlate different health metrics, and project weight on any future date given current diet trends.
  • State-of-the-art food logging features, including natural Voice Logging. We refer to this as the Say feature.

    Take a picture of your food, and we'll use state-of-the-art image recognition technology to detect what you're eating and add it to your log. This feature is like magic!
  • Scan the barcode of a food or supplement and quickly add it to your logs
  • Third-party fitness device integration (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple, etc.)

    Never forget to enter exercise or steps. Connect your Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit or Apple Health compatible device and automatically sync your health data to your Carb Manager log.
  • ...and more!
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